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Power Battery Simulation Power Supply
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Power Battery Simulation Power Supply

Production Brief Introduction
The development and production of electric vehicle, and the power supply system by power battery, such as the frequency converter, electric motor, etc., all need to be tested
strictly. During the development of electric vehicle and test procedure requiring the power battery, test the automobile by power battery, it has the disadvantage of low efficiency,
high cost and long test period. Now, the domestic automobile companies mostly adopt the regulated power supply to develop the automobile and do the tests experiment. While,
using the regulated power supply to replace the battery, it¡¯s difficult to meet the automobile testing requirements. To solve this problem, the electric vehicle power battery simulation
power supply is developed by Shaanxi Blue Ocean Electric Co., LTD. It can simulate the internal resistance and output characteristics of the power supply accurately, replace of the
power battery and used for the electric vehicle test, to reduce test cost and improve the test efficiency.

1) Large power, instantaneous large-current supply ability, simulates the output characteristics of power battery when the electric vehicle speeds up.
2) With energy feedback function
3) High precision of output, with the voltage compensation remote feedback function, to ensure the tested voltage regulation accuracy.
4) Simulates the internal resistance of power battery, can set the resistance value, to simulate the battery of various types, different state (such as electricity), to make the voltage
    and current output is consistent with the actual output power battery.

1)  Input: AC three-phase 380V50Hz
2)  Output: DC regulated voltage and current; Power not less than 450kW
3)  The highest output voltage and current value: 750V/750A
4)  Voltage Ripple: 0.1% rated value
5)  Voltage Control Accuracy: 0.1% rated value
6)  Voltage and Current Response: output voltage response setting time: £¼5ms, under the voltage output setting, current regulation is 40a/ms
7)  Output voltage regulating range: 750V (10%-100%) output
8)  Output Current: 0¡«rated current output
9)  Output Voltage Setting: remote (computer setting), local mode
10) Efficiency: Not less than 90% (measured in the rated power output state)
11) Battery Characteristics Simulation: Simulate the battery by software and setting the battery characteristic curve.
12) Ability Feedback Function: The generated energy of auto motor and control system feed back to AC input end of equipments by power battery simulation power supply, to
      achieve automatic continuous switching according to the load running state during the motor condition and power generation condition, and satisfy the four quadrant of the
      automotive electrical system running state.
13) Display: Key presses LCD display or touch screen operation display, both are optional.
14) Status Indication: With the power indicator light, running indicator light, malfunction indicator light and sound and light alarm.
15) Communication Mode: RS485 communication
16) Protection Function: Input overvoltage & under voltage, output overvoltage, over current, inverter over-current, overheating protection.

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